Army has new ISR task force

By Ashley Tressel / May 7, 2019 at 11:15 AM

The Army has stood up an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance task force in the office of the G-2, according to the chief of Army Futures Command.

Gen. Mike Murray told an audience at an Association of the United States Army breakfast in Washington today the task force under deputy chief of staff (G-2) Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier will experiment with different methods of information gathering.

"I get criticized all the time because we don't have an [intelligence cross-functional team] . . . but there are certain cross-cutting capabilities, like space," he said. "Part of the ISR task force is figuring out how we take a fleet [that is] optimized for [counterinsurgency] operations [and] get it optimized for competing against a near-peer [adversary], and how do we start to rebuild some of the data . . . especially signals intelligence that we used to have, that we no longer have."