Army to host network modernization meeting with industry

By Ethan Sterenfeld / September 20, 2021 at 12:00 PM

The Army will host a technical exchange meeting Dec. 2 to discuss progress on Capability Set 25, a suite of new network and communications technology that is expected to be fielded in 2025, according to a Sept. 15 service announcement.

The event will be designed for a technical audience, including engineers, integrators and architecture experts, according to the announcement. Vendors will have the chance to question Army network technical experts about Capability Set 25 and programs that will follow.

“As with previous [Technical Exchange Meetings], TEM 7 will be structured to inform industry’s research and development efforts to align with Capability Set 25 and 27+ design goals,” according to the announcement.

Sessions will discuss user feedback from infantry, Stryker and armored brigade combat teams, security force assistance brigades and multidomain task forces, according to the announcement. The Army will provide updates on the planned experimentation strategy, the implementation of open standards, network modernization and command post modernization.

The Army plans to roll out a new capability set every two years, starting with Capability Set 21 this year, to allow for continuous network modernization. Capability Set 25 is expected to focus on armored units.

The meeting will take place in Nashville, TN, and there will be an option to attend virtually.