Army issues sources-sought notice for PrSM Increment 2

By Dan Schere / May 10, 2024 at 10:04 AM

The Army has released a sources-sought notice asking industry for solutions to fulfill the Precision Strike Missile Increment 2 requirement.

The notice, posted Thursday, states a contract will include engineering development for early operational capability, initial production of missiles and an option for a possible seeker that supports a full-rate production decision.

PrSM Increment 2 will include a seeker that uses radio frequency and infrared imaging to “engage moving maritime and relocatable targets up to and beyond 400 kilometers,” according to the Army. Increment 2 also will double the magazine capacity of each launcher, extend range and increase velocity, compared with the Army Tactical Missile System, which PrSM is replacing.

The Army is in the procurement phase for Increment 1 of the PrSM program, with plans to spend nearly $493 million on the procurement of 230 missiles in fiscal year 2025. The service also plans to spend $184 million on research and development funding for engineering and manufacturing of the Increment 2 seeker in FY-25, Maj. Gen. Mark Bennett, the Army budget director, said in March.

The start of procurement scheduled for Increment 2 was delayed from FY-25 to FY-26 due to a lack of technical maturity with the seeker, Maj. Gen. Joe Hilbert, director of force development to the deputy chief of staff, previously told reporters.

Thursday’s sources-sought notice states a contract will eventually support the procurement of 120 early operational capability missiles along with engineering and manufacturing development activities to support full-rate production. With the procurement, the Army expects Increment 2 to reach initial operational capability in FY-28, the notice states.

Responses to the government are due May 16.