Army looking to expand scope of reconfigurable collective trainer

By Maximilian Kwiatkowski / December 21, 2018 at 12:41 PM

The Army is seeking information from industry to determine the possibility of expanding the type of exercises available on a training system being developed by the Synthetic Training Environment cross functional team.

With this move, after the Reconfigurable Collective trainer reaches initial operational capability, it may be upgraded to the Reconfigurable Virtual Trainer, according to the Army's request for information posted Dec. 12.

Previously, the service has kept two types of trainers separate from each other; system trainers, which focus on things like gunnery or specific vehicles, and collective trainers, which simulate collaborative tasks.

These current trainers can't be combined into one that could comprehensively train personnel, according to the notice.

Instead, the new RVT would combine those training devices into one device that is portable and uses as little hardware as possible, potentially cutting costs.

Some of the technology the service is considering are augmented or virtual reality goggles and haptic vests or gloves, which simulate touch and feel of objects seen in virtual reality to the wearer, the notice states.