Army moving forward with three Capability Sets this year

By Evan Ochsner / February 10, 2022 at 4:29 PM

FT. STEWART, GA -- Army network modernization leaders said this week they are moving forward this year with a series of innovations that are designed to modernize communication and network capabilities across the Army.

“This is probably pretty unique, and as we enter into 2022, we have three Capability Sets going on in parallel,” said Maj. Gen. Rob Collins, head of the Program Executive Office for Command, Control, Communications-Tactical.

Capability Set 21, the first of four currently planned, is about 50% fielded, Collins said at a pilot program here earlier this week. That Capability Set prioritized infantry formations, designed to provide smaller, lighter, faster and more flexible communications systems.

In late April, the Army plans to complete a critical design review of Capability Set 23, a suite of technologies designed to increase network capacities and make them more resilient, with a focus on Stryker formations.

The critical design review will push the Army toward procurement decisions for the set, which it intends to begin fielding in Fiscal Year 2023.

The Army last week completed a detailed technical test of the set at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, spokesman Paul Mehney said.

The Integrated Tactical Network kit, including radios and Android and mission command applications enhanced Stryker maneuverability during the test, he said.

The test showed that as the Army continues to bring in more data through its increased capacity, it will need to refine data management capabilities, he said.

Capability Set 25, with a focus on armored divisions, this week concluded a pilot program of a wide range of technologies intended to improve satellite, radio communication and data capabilities.