Army releases second eLRV market survey

By Ethan Sterenfeld / May 5, 2021 at 11:17 AM

The Army released a second market survey last week for the electric Light Reconnaissance Vehicle, with a focus on the battery and sustainment characteristics of potential vehicles.

Many of the questions in the April 26 market survey ask about the silent mobility, silent watch and exportable power capabilities of the vehicles. There are also sections about the sustainment that would be required for the vehicle, such as the recharging requirements for vehicles, the lifetime of batteries and the modularity of battery packs.

This is the second market survey that has been released for the eLRV, after the first one was released in November. Industry response to the first market survey was "overwhelming," Steve Herrick, product lead for ground mobility vehicles in the program executive office for combat support and combat service support, told Inside Defense last month.

The eLRV will be a hybrid or fully electric vehicle for six-soldier scout squads within the infantry brigade combat teams. It is expected to be the Army's first major adoption of electric capabilities within its ground vehicle fleet.

Vehicles should be capable of 100 miles of silent mobility and 350 miles of total range, although the desired off-road silent mobility range has yet to be determined, according to the April market survey.

Electric vehicles make far less noise than those powered by internal combustion engines, and the Army has said that a hybrid eLRV's batteries should be able to power the vehicle with the engine off for limited periods of time.

Responses to the market survey are due June 18.

In addition to the market survey, the eLRV has advanced through the Army's requirements process in recent weeks.

The Army Requirements Oversight Council approved the eLRV's Abbreviated Capability Development Documents on May 3, Herrick wrote in an email this week. The A-CDD allows the service to begin materiel development with the Middle Tier Acquisition process.

The eLRV demonstration and soldier touch point at Ft. Benning, GA, this month will include seven vendors, although not all of them are expected to present a vehicle, Herrick wrote.

The demonstration will give companies and the government a chance to assess the off-road performance of the electric vehicles that are available today, Herrick said last month. He said it would help the Army calibrate its goals for the vehicle before it starts the prototyping process.

Prototyping for the eLRV is expected to begin in fiscal year 2022, and the vehicle could be fielded as early as FY-25, Herrick said last month.