Army seeking market feedback for hybrid-electric JLTV

By Nickolai Sukharev / February 22, 2024 at 5:04 PM

The Army is asking industry for feedback to develop a hybrid-electric version of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, according to a public notice.

“The HEV is envisioned to be a new propulsion system design for light vehicle platforms,” the Feb. 22 announcement reads.

Though the performance requirements are classified, the JLTV joint program office will use the effort “to support potential future light tactical vehicle procurements.”

“While HEV technology is prevalent in the commercial market, its application in a military setting is far less common,” the announcement adds. “The draft technical performance requirements developed convey the unique military use cases, duty cycles and performance to meet the anticipated operational needs.”

The solicitation also asks respondents to estimate the cost of replacing existing propulsion systems with the hybrid-electric system.

Oshkosh, which currently produces the JLTV for the Army, also produces an electric variant with silent drive, silent watch, enhanced fuel economy and increased exportable power, according to the company’s website.

In November 2023, the Army issued a solicitation for a hybrid-electric M1126 Stryker infantry carrier vehicle.

Slated to replace a portion of the Army’s humvees, the non-hybrid JLTV is a family of four-wheel-drive vehicles designed to transport personnel and payloads during military operations.

Variants include a general-purpose vehicle, heavy gun carrier, utility/shelter carrier and close combat weapons carrier.

To reduce fuel consumption and minimize engine noise, the non-hybrid JLTV will also feature lithium-ion batteries.

In June 2023, the Government Accountability Office denied Oshkosh’s protest of the Army’s decision to award the next production phase of the JLTV to AM General.

The Army is slated to procure 2,601 JLTVs in fiscal year 2024, according to budget documents.

The Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force will also procure smaller portions of JLTVs.