Army will release updated aviation doctrine this fall

By Dan Schere / April 27, 2023 at 5:08 PM

NASHVILLE, TN -- The Army will release its updated doctrine on aviation this fall, service officials told reporters Thursday at the Army Aviation Association of America's annual conference here.

In October, the Army released Field Manual 3-0, which is its new combat operations capstone doctrine. The field manual emphasizes the importance of multidomain operations and using data in how soldiers fight. The release of FM 3-0 was delayed in order for the Army to send analysts to Ukraine to study ground combat there in its war with Russia.

Maj. Gen. Michael McCurry, the commanding general of the Army Aviation Center of Excellence at Ft. Novosel, AL, told reporters Thursday that the aviation doctrine is a companion document to FM 3-0 for the specific warfighting capability of aviation. The document will be released this fall, he said.

“I think you can expect us to talk a little bit about how we influence land and maritime from the lower tier of the air domain, and how we do that as we transition different capabilities from what we’ve had in the past to the future,” he said.

The last update to the Army aviation doctrine was in April 2020.