The Army's List

By Marjorie Censer / June 11, 2009 at 5:00 AM

As Inside the Army first reported yesterday, the service has a big event going on next Monday. And today, as this new story notes, the service has formally announced that the event in question is intended to “bring together knowledgeable individuals to offer information and opinions on a way ahead for the Army to develop a new ground combat vehicle.”

The service has provided to Inside the Army a list of those who “have indicated they're interested in coming to the panel.”

Here it is, in full:

GEN (Ret) William Hartzog

LTG (Ret) James Dubik

LTG (Ret) David Barno

MG (Ret) David Fastabend

Dr. John Nagl

Mr. Thomas Szayna

CSM Matthew Walker

SFC Paul Marler

Mr. Dave Oskey

GEN (Ret) Scott Wallace

Mr. Tom Donnelly

BGen Michael Brogan, USMC

COL Reginald Allen (3rd ACR)

Dr. David Markowitz

CSM John Troxell

SFC Nathan Tiemeier

Mr. Bob Holcomb

Brig Phil Jones (UK)

Mr. Jeff Martin

Mr. Don Sando

LTG (Ret) Paul Funk

LTG (Ret) Patrick Hughes

COL David Teeples

Mr. Colin Agee

CSM John Sparks

MG (Ret) Waldo Freeman

Mr. David Johnson

SGM Richard Jones

COL Steve Hood

MSG Victor Vincente

Hon Nelson Ford

LTG (Ret) Joseph Yakovac

MG (Ret) Robert Armbruster

Mr. Anthony Melita

CSM Cynthia Pritchett

Mr. Scott Badenoch

Mr. James Quinlivan

Lt Col Mark Sullivan (UK)

Mr. Andrew Hoehn

Mr. Lawrence Keith

GEN (Ret) Gordon Sullivan

GEN (Ret) John Tillelli

MG Bill Troy

Dr. Dan Goure

Mr. Anthony Cordesman

Mr. Matthew Schaffer

Dr. Joe Braddock

SFC Freddie Housey

COL Bill Burleson (1/10 MNT)

SGM Greg Larsen

LTG (Ret) Bill Campbell

LTG (Ret) Robert Donahue

MG James Terry

COL Ricardo Love (4/2 SBCT)

Mr. Jim Arkedis

CSM Russell Reimer

SGM Jeff Brown

CSM Dennis Defreese

SSG Everett Vantonio

MG (Ret) Scales (T)