ATEC says testing will continue under certain conditions

By Ashley Tressel / April 10, 2020 at 12:44 PM

Army Test and Evaluation Command says it has "taken a wide array of actions to mitigate the effects of the [coronavirus] pandemic," in a statement to Inside Defense.

ATEC says testing will continue under three conditions: "1) We must be able to test in a safe environment (in compliance with social distancing) and our test team must feel safe; 2) We have the test articles on site (i.e. our team members will not travel to other locations without proper approval) and the article under test does not require additional support from outside agencies (we will not bring additional personnel from other locations without proper approval); and 3) Our customers agree there is still a need to conduct the tests."

Army Futures Command Gen. Mike Murray told reporters last week testing at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, mostly vehicle maintenance, was put on hold so the service can put safety measures in place related to contact between workers.

He also expressed concern about a soldier touchpoint for the Integrated Visual Augmentation System scheduled for this summer and several air and missile defense program evaluations.

However, Murray said he does not yet expect any programs to be significantly delayed because of the pandemic or for the Army to miss any fielding dates.