ATM Transaction

By John Liang / May 6, 2009 at 5:00 AM

U.S. Joint Forces Command and U.S. Strategic Command have begun an effort to consolidate missile defense training programs across the services, according to JFCOM's Website.

JFCOM's Joint Warfighting Center and STRATCOM's Joint Exercises and Training Directorate (J7) are leading the effort:

Pat McVay, the director of USSTRATCOM J7, said this partnership, will lead the effort called "All Things Missile" (ATM) to build on their current mission of providing global deterrence capabilities and aligning Defense Department efforts to combat the threat of weapons of mass destruction world wide.

"Right now, we have a somewhat disjointed capability to train multiple mission areas - missile warning, missile defense and feeder missile warnings. Separate capabilities were developed over different periods of time," McVay said.

McVay emphasized that ATM is in the requirements development stage and, at this point, the goal is to identify requirements and establish a program to solidify training capability.

Gregory Knapp, USJFCOM JWFC executive director, said the command will work with USSTRATCOM to define needed operational architecture, training requirements, a solutions process, and modeling and simulation.

"We'll go into . . . what is actually required to create a distributed training environment to certain training audiences, to train to certain tasks," Knapp said. "In the end what ((US))STRATCOM and ((US))JFCOM will be able to do will simulate any training audience against the ATM task set and train whenever we need wherever we need."