Board Stiff?

By Dan Dupont / November 30, 2009 at 5:00 AM

It's been a bit of a dry spell for the Defense Science Board; a quick glance at the DSB web site shows the organization hasn't been tapped for any new studies since February (none, at least, that the Pentagon has acknowledged publicly).

It hasn't published one of its normally quite information-rich newsletters since May 2008, either -- again, at least not publicly.

The DSB has put out more than 10 reports this year, the latest released in September. But with no new studies announced since February, and no newsletters to provide any info on the status of ongoing reports, the board's status has been a bit of a question mark.

We've got part of the answer in a story published today:

The Obama administration has lined up a new team of outside advisers to provide the Pentagon's top weapon buyer independent advice on scientific, technical and manufacturing matters as well as acquisition process issues.

A new roster for the Defense Science Board is set to be unveiled next month as the panelists -- including approximately 40 board members and 20 senior fellows -- on the longstanding advisory group prepare for their first meeting in early January, according to the board's leader.

“It will be a whole, newly composed board,” Paul Kaminski, the DSB board chairman, told today in a brief telephone interview. Kaminski declined to identify the new members, who he said will be announced by the Pentagon sometime in December.

Kaminski also noted that the board "is drafting proposals for as many as three new task force studies."

More to come.