Budget Drops Feb. 2

By Tony Bertuca / January 8, 2015 at 2:06 PM

The Obama administration is scheduled to release the fiscal year 2016 budget request on Monday, Feb. 2, according the Office of Management and Budget, making it the first on-time submission in recent memory.

“We look forward to working with Congress on returning to regular order in the annual budget process,” according to a Thursday statement from Emily Cain, a spokeswoman for OMB.

Meanwhile, Ashton Carter, a former deputy defense secretary who has been tapped to succeed Chuck Hagel to lead the Pentagon, is scheduled to have his nomination hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee that same week, according to congressional officials, though a firm date has not been set.

Mackenzie Eaglen, a defense budget analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, said Carter would be expected to defend the FY-16 budget request regardless of his role, or lack thereof, in building it due to his previous experience within the administration.

"Carter will absolutely be expected to defend this budget even if he had zero input," she wrote in an email. "That also is not unprecedented nor necessarily unusual."