Collins Aerospace to lead B-52 power generation upgrade

By Briana Reilly / January 11, 2022 at 1:30 PM

Collins Aerospace will give the B-52 bomber a new electric power generation system, the company announced today.

Part of Raytheon Technologies, Collins Aerospace was selected by Boeing to complete the work, according to the release.

Based on “industry-leading commercial technology,” the new system will replace the current 70-year-old one, include eight generators per bomber and “contribute to the Air Force’s goal of a 30% improvement in fuel efficiency for the B-52 along with a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions,” the release states.

Boeing is serving as the prime integrator for the B-52 upgrades, including the bomber’s Commercial Engine Replacement Program. The Air Force selected Rolls-Royce in September 2021 to re-engine the fleet.