Collins Aerospace to retrofit B-52 wheels and brakes

By Courtney Albon / April 8, 2021 at 9:16 AM

The Air Force has chosen Collins Aerospace to upgrade the B-52's wheels and brakes -- part of a larger effort to extend the aging bomber's service life.

The company announced the deal in a press release Wednesday, saying it will design and develop a new wheel and brake for 77 aircraft.

"Our world-class engineers will develop a solution that offers seamless technology insertion to help sustain the B-52 as it continues flying for another three decades," Vice President for Landing Systems Ajay Mahajan said in the release.

Beyond the wheel and brake systems, Collins also provides generators, communications and navigation systems, environment control systems and engine systems and sensors for the B-52.

"Collins is actively working with the Air Force and the plane's manufacturer to explore how it can support further B-52 modernization efforts, including communications and avionics upgrades," the release states.