Common Infrared Countermeasure system ready for full-rate production

By Jaspreet Gill / March 15, 2021 at 11:18 AM

The Army has deemed the Common Infrared Countermeasure system ready for full-rate production following a successful six-month initial operational test and evaluation phase, Northrop Grumman announced today.

The laser-based system is being developed by the company to protect aircraft from incoming missiles and will replace the Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures system.

The system consists of a pointer-tracker unit, infrared laser and system processor unit and is a part of a suite of infrared countermeasures that include a missile warning system and an Improved Countermeasure Dispenser, according to an Army program document.

“CIRCM’s dual-jammer configuration helps to protect aircrews while providing the highest level of aircraft survivability,” according to a March 15 Northrop Grumman press release. “The CIRCM system provides protection against a wide range of infrared-guided anti-aircraft missile threats, including shoulder-fired and vehicle-launched."

During IOT&E, the system was flown through a multitude of scenarios and environments to assess its ability to detect, engage and defeat threats. The system rapidly defeated all threats, the notice says.

“In addition to baseline performance, the system’s next-generation open architecture design will enable rapid and timely capability enhancements to keep pace with changing mission needs,” according to the notice.