Cyber Funds

By Amanda Palleschi / February 14, 2011 at 4:08 PM

President Obama's budget request for fiscal year 2012 provides $2.3 billion to "support improved cybersecurity efforts" in the Defense Department and "greater joint planning efforts" between DOD and the Department of Homeland Security to increase the effectiveness of U.S. cybersecurity efforts, according to documents released this morning by the White House. DOD and DHS signed a memorandum of agreement last year to align and enhance U.S. cyberdefense capabilities.

DOD's FY-12 budget request also seeks a $119 million boost to support U.S. Cyber Command, which was stood up in 2010 to “direct the operation and defense of specific DOD information networks,” according to a budget request summary issued by the White House.

“In addition to bolstering ongoing operational capabilities, the administration funds new and ongoing cybersecurity science and technology; enhances DOD activities to protect core defense information systems; and, in partnership with DHS, supports cybersecurity demonstration and pilot programs to protect critical network systems,” the summary adds.

DHS, meanwhile, is seeking $459 million in FY-12 for its National Cyber Security Division. Further, the intelligence community's FY-12 budget request also seeks funds to boost federal cybersecurity, the details of which are not specified in the White House summary.