Defense Innovation Board to host first public meeting on AI principles this month

By Justin Doubleday / January 8, 2019 at 4:23 PM

The Defense Innovation Board will convene the first public meeting to discuss artificial intelligence principles later this month at Harvard University's Belfer Center in Cambridge, MA.

The Jan. 23 "public listening session" is being convened to discuss "The Ethical and Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence for the Department of Defense," according to today's announcement from the Defense Innovation Board. The event is the first of three public listening sessions the board plans to convene as it embarks on a "yearlong" effort to develop and propose AI principles for the department. 

"The DIB recognizes that the increased use of AI comes with questions around trust, safety, security, explainability, and reliability," the announcement states. "Therefore, it is critical that the forthcoming DIB recommendation to DOD is consistent with an ethics-first approach and upholds existing legal norms around warfare and human rights, while continuing to carry out the department's enduring mission to keep the peace and deter war."

DOD CIO Dana Deasy tasked the board with recommending AI principles last summer, shortly after the Pentagon announced plans to establish a Joint AI Center. During the board's last quarterly meeting in October, members approved a plan to develop a proposal by hosting public listening sessions and convening expert roundtables.