Defense Policy Board to meet next week

By John Liang / December 6, 2021 at 4:44 PM

The Pentagon's Defense Policy Board will hold a classified meeting next week, according to a notice in today's Federal Register.

During the Dec. 15-16 meeting, the board "will receive classified briefings and hold classified discussions on the development of the Department of Defense National Defense Strategy (NDS) analysis and methodology," the notice continues. The defense secretary and under secretary of defense for policy are slated speak.

The board will also get "classified briefings on (1) a current intelligence baseline briefing on China military modernization; (2) a briefing on the NDS overall approach and security environment assessment; (3) a briefing on the NDS defense priorities, the strategic approach and integrated defense; (4) key considerations for nesting the NDS, the Nuclear Posture Review and Missile Defense Review; and (5) conduct classified member "red team" discussions and deliberation. Following discussions and deliberation, the DPB will provide their advice and recommendations to the secretary of defense for consideration."