DIB to hear from 'defense entrepreneurs'

By Georgina DiNardo / February 21, 2024 at 10:59 AM

The Defense Innovation Board will hold a public meeting on March 5 to hear from defense entrepreneurship experts in preparation for the panel's upcoming spring meeting.

“The objective of this DIB meeting is to gather information from guest speakers and discuss relevant issues related to its current research in preparation for the upcoming Spring 2024 Public Meeting,” a notice published in the Federal Register today said.

The DIB is scheduled to meet with members of the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum Board to “gather information and discuss specific issues regarding talent management, partnerships and collaboration, responsible [artificial intelligence], internal barriers, risk taking and tech adoption in preparation for the DIB's upcoming Spring 2024 Public Meeting scheduled on April 17, 2024, to ensure proposed recommendations are practical and actionable to drive and scale innovation across the DOD,” the notice said.

The agenda for the spring meeting has not yet been released, although if the DIB’s pattern of releasing study information continues, an update on the two studies announced at the winter public meeting could be expected.

At the DIB’s winter public meeting, the board announced two new studies about optimizing innovation among allies and aligning incentives for faster technology adoption and acquisition.

DIB Chair Mike Bloomberg said at the winter meeting that insight into those studies will be provided in the “coming months.”