DIU requesting solicitations for hybrid space architecture program

By Georgina DiNardo / December 1, 2023 at 11:40 AM

In an effort to integrate government and commercial space-related capabilities, the Defense Innovation Unit is taking submissions for the Defense Department to combat national security challenges in space.

DOD is trying to utilize new and innovative technologies from the commercial sector into government operations through a Hybrid Space Architecture (HSA) program to defend the United States' network across many domains.

This is the second HSA solicitation, a DIU program which posted its initial solicitation in October 2021 and announced its initial contracts in July 2022.

HSA II focuses on four areas of interest: persistent sensing, high-performance edge compute, resilient data transport and data fusion.

“Use cases span the full range of commercial, civil, national security and allied communications,” the DIU announcement stated. “This includes military operations in support of warfighters at the tactical edge and across all domains, be it land, sea, or air, transmitting or receiving time-sensitive situational awareness and decision-making information to yield effects across the strategic, operational and tactical levels through multiple communication layers and battle management command, control and communications (BMC3) architectures.”

The DIU release requests that responses to this second solicitation focus on at least one of the four focus areas and include requirements listed underneath the focus area of choice on their website.

All companies are limited to one submission per focus area. If a submission covers multiple focus areas, the company should aim to address all areas in one submission.

Submissions should include whether they have the ability for a live demonstration within three months of the award, which DIU has listed as a “primary consideration for selection.”

The DIU encourages submissions from U.S. and international companies, with the caveat that they are not publicly or privately financially backed by investors associated with sanctioned states or entities.

“This HSA will provide secure, assured, low latency, and multi-path communications across a scalable, resilient and multidomain network,” the DIU release said. “The HSA must also be flexible enough to remain relevant and trusted during times of rapid technological change and dynamic threat environments.”