DOD announces $2B weapons package for Ukraine

By Tony Bertuca / February 3, 2023 at 12:13 PM

The Defense Department today announced a new military aid package for Ukraine featuring $425 million in immediate weapons transfers from U.S. stocks and $1.75 billion in funds to procure new capabilities.

“Today’s announcement includes critical air defense capabilities to help Ukraine defend its people, as well as armored infantry vehicles and more equipment that Ukraine is using so effectively, including Javelin anti-tank missiles, artillery ammunition, and conventional and long-range rockets for U.S.-provided [High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems],” DOD said.

The $425 million in presidential “drawdown” authority includes:

• Additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS);

• Additional 155mm artillery rounds; 

• Additional 120mm mortar rounds;

• 190 heavy machine guns with thermal imagery sights and associated ammunition to counter unmanned aerial systems;

• 181 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles;

• 250 Javelin anti-armor systems;

• 2,000 anti-armor rockets;

• Claymore anti-personnel munitions;

• Demolitions munitions;

• Cold weather gear, helmets, and other field equipment.

The $1.75 billion in aid being provided under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative includes:

• Two HAWK air defense firing units;

• Anti-aircraft guns and ammunition;

• Equipment to integrate Western air defense launchers, missiles, and radars with Ukraine’s air defense systems;

• Equipment to sustain Ukraine’s existing air defense capabilities;

• Air defense generators;

• Counter-unmanned aerial systems;

• Four air surveillance radars;

• 20 counter-mortar radars;

• Spare parts for counter-artillery radars;

• Puma Unmanned Aerial Systems;

• Precision-guided rockets (the Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb);

• Secure communications equipment;

• Medical supplies;

• Funding for training, maintenance, and sustainment.

Pentagon Press Secretary Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said the package includes the Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb, which will give Ukraine a “longer rage capability” to strike Russian targets and “take back their sovereign territory.”

The United States has now committed more than $29.3 billion in assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of Russia's invasion last February.