DOD, NSA inspectors general announce joint AI evaluation

By Jaspreet Gill / August 12, 2021 at 12:59 PM

The inspectors general of the Defense Department and the National Security Agency will conduct a joint investigation to assess NSA's integration of artificial intelligence after previously scrapping the investigation last month.

According to a new DOD IG memo, an evaluation of NSA's integration of A.I. -- which was initially announced in August 2020 but was terminated in July of this year -- will now be a joint evaluation.

"The evaluation objective is to assess the National Security Agency's integration of artificial intelligence into signals intelligence operations in accordance with DOD and Intelligence Community guidance for artificial intelligence," the memo states. "We may revise the objective as the evaluation proceeds, and we will also consider suggestions from DOD and National Security Agency management on additional or revised objectives."

The memo states the evaluation will be performed at NSA, but additional locations may be identified.