DOD seeks emerging solutions in logistics, operational energy for 'Thunderstorm' demo

By Briana Reilly / December 5, 2022 at 3:53 PM

The Pentagon is poised to evaluate vendors' emerging technology pitches as officials seek to bolster their logistics and operational energy capabilities during a forthcoming round of discovery and demonstration events, a newly posted solicitation states.

Called “Thunderstorm,” those experiments, which seek to give technology developers a venue for showcasing new and evolving solutions in operationally relevant scenarios, are scheduled to take place May 8-12 at Camp Roberts, CA, the Dec. 2 request for information says.

Through the upcoming events, known as Thunderstorm 23-3, the Defense Department wants to see a focus on improving DOD logistics, per the RFI, including by leveraging human-autonomous teaming within unmanned systems operations to deliver things in “challenging environments.”

But beyond that, the listing targets enhancing operational energy capacity while also reducing capabilities’ energy demands. That includes solutions that can produce, store and deliver energy; host rechargeable technologies; contain “self-sustaining maintenance and repair capabilities” that promote the extension of independent operations; and more.

The solicitation seeks technologies that are at a Technology Readiness Level of 4 or greater. Candidates from industry, academia and research and development organizations that are interested are directed to turn in their submissions by Jan. 13.

The latest Thunderstorm demonstration comes after a spring 2022 event that focused on data discovery innovation and visualization.