DOD working on cloud computing cost strategy

By Thomas Duffy / May 7, 2019 at 11:17 AM

The Defense Department is rejecting a recommendation from government auditors that it track savings and cost avoidance for cloud computing services, arguing that "there is currently no standard, consistent way" to do so.

In a report released yesterday on federal agencies' use of cloud computing, the Government Accountability Office said DOD's chief information officer should establish "a consistent and repeatable mechanism to track savings and cost avoidance from the migration and deployment of cloud services."

In response, DOD said it has created a method for identifying funds requested for cloud computing services procurement and for money needed to migrate to a cloud computing environment. The department's current budget submission "includes details regarding use of commercial and in-house cloud computing services by DOD components." The department added that for fiscal year 2021 this will expand to include costs tied to cloud migration.

"The department will work with [the Office of Management and Budget] on whether and how to collect such information, and, if practical, report such information in accordance with OMB guidance," DOD added.

DOD did agree with GAO that the department's CIO complete an "assessment of all information technology investments for suitability for migration to a cloud computing service, in accordance with [OMB] guidance."