DOD working to send 18 more HIMARs to Ukraine in new $1.1B aid package

By Tony Bertuca / September 28, 2022 at 2:38 PM

The Defense Department has announced a new $1.1 billion aid package that would begin the contracting process to eventually send an additional 18 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems and other weapons to Ukraine.

The funds are being drawn from the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which allows DOD to contract directly with defense contractors, rather than transfer weapons directly from U.S. stocks via presidential “drawdown” authority.

“This announcement represents the beginning of a contracting process to provide additional priority capabilities to Ukraine in the mid- and long-term,” DOD said in a statement. “It represents a multiyear investment in critical capabilities to build the enduring strength of Ukraine’s Armed Forces as it continues to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty and territory in the face of Russian aggression.”

The USAI, however, is not intended for rapid delivery and it could take a year or two before the systems reach Ukraine.

Along with the 18 HIMARs, the package includes:

* 150 armored humvees

* 150 Tactical Vehicles to tow weapons

* 40 trucks and 80 trailers to transport heavy equipment

* two radars for unmanned aerial systems

* 20 multimission radars

* counter-unmanned aerial systems

* assorted tactical communications equipment

* explosive ordnance disposal equipment

* body armor

* funding for training, maintenance and sustainment

The United States has now committed approximately $16.9 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since January 2021, according to DOD.