DOD's Large Scale Global Exercise 2024 begins this month

By Georgina DiNardo / February 22, 2024 at 2:29 PM

The Defense Department's Large Scale Global Exercise 2024 begins this month with goals of strengthening allied interoperability through demonstrations of joint military cooperation across branches and nations.

LSGE 24 will be the third time the global series has run, which aims to showcase “all-domain military exercises alongside allies and partners around the globe,” according to a U.S. European Command Public Affairs statement released today.

This year’s exercise will be run by EUCOM, with help from DOD combatant commands that are participating, including the incorporation of personnel from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Space Force.

“Our commitment to peace and security not only here in Europe, but throughout the world, is unwavering,” Deputy EUCOM Commander Lt. Gen. Steven Basham said in the release. “Large Scale Global Exercise 24 is another opportunity to showcase our commitment and resolve, while demonstrating our readiness to respond to any security challenge.”

LSGE 24 aims to highlight interoperability and bolster agility between allies and partners through a series of exercises, the release noted.

“The LSGE 24 series will incorporate nearly 30 wide-ranging exercises and military activities with discrete objectives,” the release said. “Collectively, these activities will highlight America’s robust presence and capabilities alongside Allies, partners and fellow U.S. combatant commands.”

Eleven events associated with LSGE 24 are set to occur in the EUCOM area of responsibility. These events will include “Allied Spirit, Trojan Footprint, two iterations of Bomber Task Force, Nordic Response, Arctic Shock, Saber Strike, Immediate Response, Swift Response, Astral Knight and BALTOPS.”

The other events will be led by combatant commands with help from allied nations.

The exercise begins this month but will run until its conclusion in June.