Ducks in a Row

/ March 9, 2009 at 5:00 AM

Pentagon officials are still in the process of developing and assembling a set of security-related, what-if scenarios expected to help shape the upcoming Quadrennial Defense Review deliberations, according to sources.

Outgoing Bush administration officials at the Pentagon last year set out the goal of readying a new set of highly classified Defense Planning Scenarios for the new administration to pick and chose from as the 2009/2010 QDR process begins.

Such prep work consumed most of the time during the 2005/2006 QDR season, several officials noted.

Some of the new DPSs have reached the point of being fairly "mature," while work on others has yet to begin in earnest, one source said today.

During the DPS development process, the services are given a chance to comment.

No word on whether a collection of DPSs will be ready later this month, when Defense Secretary Robert Gates is expected to formally kick off the QDR.
-- Sebastian Sprenger