EOS remote weapons platform used in Project Convergence demonstration

By Dan Schere / April 15, 2024 at 2:32 PM

EOS Defense Systems' R600 Remote Weapon Station shot down pairs of unmanned aerial vehicles during the Army's Project Convergence capstone event last month.

The R600 consists of a Northrop Grumman-made M230LF cannon, coaxial machine gun and four Javelin missiles on an Army Small Multipurpose Equipment Transport robotic infantry support vehicle, according to Huntsville, AL-based EOS. The platform provides light- and medium-caliber firepower and the “added lethality of multiple antitank or anti-air missiles.”

During the demonstration, the 30mm cannon shot down pairs of “class 1 UAVs at ranges of more than 300m and engaged multiple ground targets,” according to the company.

“These capabilities paired with four of the premier anti-armor missiles in the world represents a significant increase in firepower available to light forces on a platform that is currently being fielded,” the company stated in a press release.

EOS called the demonstration at Project Convergence a “critical venue for Army senior leaders to assess new technologies needed to ensure the Army’s success in future conflicts as well as inform acquisition and force structure decisions.

“As human-machine integration continues to be a key strategic priority, the demonstration was an important opportunity to evaluate unmanned and remote solutions which provide essential protections to the warfighter,” the company stated.