F-35 JPO launches survey on cost-reduction strategies

By Briana Reilly / December 21, 2021 at 12:37 PM

The F-35 joint program office is surveying suppliers on the potential for implementing new cost reduction strategies over the life cycle of the fighter aircraft, a request for information shows.

The notice, posted today, seeks responses from current subcontractors and suppliers tied to the F-35’s air system to gauge interest in working with prime contractors and the JPO’s affordability war room “to innovate, collaborate, and ultimately implement” those cost reduction mechanisms.

Prioritized responses will include those with “well developed near-term cost reduction strategies and initiatives that are ready, or near ready, for implementation to the air system,” the notice states.

Among the information the JPO is seeking from responses is a description of the initiative and an explanation for how it would reduce costs, an anticipated dollar figure tied to implementing the proposal, projected life cycle cost savings through fiscal year 2081, a timeline for when those expected savings would begin and to what extent a respondent would be willing to partner with Lockheed Martin and Pratt & Whitney and internally fund officials to collaborate with the JPO’s affordability war room to finalize implementation details.

Responses are due by the end of January.