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Free story: DOD sends White House list of threatened programs

September 13, 2017 |
Tony Bertuca

Earlier this week, Inside Defense obtained documents detailing acquisition program priorities the Pentagon sent the White House in hopes of getting exemptions from a congressional stopgap budget measure, which freezes spending levels and prohibits new programs.

The story, which we made available to subscribers Sept. 11, is available for free here.

The "consolidated anomalies list" DOD sent to the Office of Management and Budget, which was not released publicly and includes prioritized weapon production increases and approximately 75 new programs that cannot be funded under the 10-week continuing resolution recently passed by Congress, provides a rare window into what the department is telling the White House in terms of key priorities.

Ultimately, the administration did not seek CR exemptions, or anomalies, for any DOD programs. The Pentagon must now sort out to what degree important priorities will be impacted.