GCV Solicitation Released

By Dan Dupont / November 30, 2010 at 3:17 PM

The Army has released its much-anticipated request for proposals for the Ground Combat Vehicle, according to a statement that just reached us. The service says it "anticipates awarding up to three contracts for the Technology Development phase in the early third quarter of 2011."


Delivery of the first production vehicle is expected within seven years of the initial contract award. The Infantry Fighting Vehicle will be developed in three phases commencing after the initial contract award: Technology Development, Engineering and Manufacturing Development, and Production and Deployment. The prime contractors selected for the Technology Development phase will focus on the identification of effective and affordable vehicle technologies, development -- including preliminary design -- of competitive vehicle component prototypes, planned technical reviews and reduction of program schedule risk.

The Army will rely on mature technologies and affordability targets in designing and developing the vehicle to meet these objectives. The Army anticipates awarding three fixed-price incentive fee contracts for the Technology Development phase. The RFP allows industry to utilize existing technologies and innovative solutions in their proposals. Industry will be allowed to propose non-developmental items (NDI), modified non developmental items, or new development solutions in response to the RFP. These approaches will enable the Army to field an Infantry Fighting Vehicle that provides critical Soldier protection and full-spectrum operational capabilities for a 21st Century threat environment.

The Army held a widely attended industry meeting in early October 2010, which provided valuable feedback from industry regarding the Ground Combat Vehicle program and provided the Army with an opportunity to convey its priorities and objectives for the program to the public.

The RFP release follows dedicated efforts by Army leaders and key stakeholders to ensure the Ground Combat Vehicle program succeeds as an achievable and affordable acquisition program. Comprehensive reviews of the vehicle’s acquisition strategy, planned capabilities, operational needs, program schedule and vehicle technology readiness helped formulate the RFP.

The Army remains firmly committed to the Ground Combat Vehicle program as the centerpiece of its combat vehicle modernization strategy, which will provide Soldiers with protected mobility and a decisive edge in both current and future combat environments. The RFP clearly conveys the Army’s priorities in terms of capabilities, while providing industry with a successful framework to design and develop an effective and affordable Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

The Ground Combat Vehicle acquisition program will follow Department of Defense best acquisition practices, including full and open competition.