GDF Is the New QDR?

By Sebastian Sprenger / January 28, 2010 at 5:00 AM

Readers missing a certain amount of informational meat behind some of the decisions outlined in the draft Quadrennial Defense Review report might wait until March or April. That is when the new Guidance for the Development of the Force is supposed to be wrapped up, we're told. The thing is, folks will need a security clearance to look at that one.

Defense leaders took a similar route in the 2006 QDR, when they packed a lot of detail that wasn't considered fit for the glossy paper of the QDR into what was then the Strategic Planning Guidance.

Of particular interest, one defense insider said, will be exactly what kind of treatment a kind of ueber-study will get in the GDF that is characterized in the draft QDR only as an effort to find the optimal combination of ISR, electronic warfare and "precision-attack" capabilities in support of "power projection operations."