Geurts: CR would affect $20.4 billion in FY-20 Navy budget

April 11, 2019 at 2:16 PM

A potential continuing resolution for the next fiscal year would constrain $20.4 billion of the Navy’s FY-20 budget, according to the service’s acquisition chief.

“That is for FY-20. If we have a CR the entire year, there’s $20.4 billion of effort we are not going to be able to execute,” Navy Assistant Secretary for Research, Development and Acquisition Hondo Geurts told the Senate Armed Services seapower subcommittee yesterday.

Geurts told lawmakers a continuing resolution would limit $9.9 billion in growing programs. It would also restrict approximately $5.3 billion for increased production rates and $5.2 billion in new-start programs, he added.

“And it’s not just programs. It’s people. It’s depot workers. It’s [a] highly trained workforce that if there’s uncertainty, they’re going to move to different jobs,” Geurts said.

“[W]e’ll not only lose either those workforces in the depots or on the flight lines or in programs, the chance to recover them will have kind of a lasting multiplier affect,” he continued.

Geurts’ remarks follow the Pentagon’s delayed budget rollout caused by the government shutdown earlier this year. The Defense Department had been slated to present its budget request in early February, but the unveiling slipped to mid-March.

Defense officials often balk at the prospects of a continuing resolution, arguing a stop-gap bill would damage military readiness.

Geurts, in addition to raising alarm about the possibility of a CR, confirmed the potential $20.4 billion impact is about 10 percent of the Navy’s topline $205.6 billion request.

“And it’s big platforms like the additional submarine we’re trying to get underway, additional destroyer we have planned. It is our helicopter replacement system so we can train pilots for all of our helicopter fleets,” he said.

“It’s our new frigate, based on the testimony yesterday that [Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson] had, that’s a game changer for us,” Geurts added.