Green Marines

By Thomas Duffy / November 15, 2010 at 7:05 PM

The Marine Corps today announced it is looking to put wind turbines on 10 bases around the United States.

The service released a draft programmatic environmental assessment detailing its plans. From the document:

The proposed action is to site, design, construct, and operate small-scale wind energy projects on USMC 28 facilities at a variety of locations throughout the United States. The design of a small-scale wind energy 29 project would include the number, locations, and sizes of wind turbines for a project site. These 30 parameters would be chosen based on, for example, the capital cost of the wind turbines, the area 31 available for siting the wind turbines, a facility’s power demand, the specific requirements of the local 32 electricity distribution system, or a combination of the four. The number of turbines installed at any 33 given project site would range from a single turbine to four turbines. Thus, the PEA addresses the federal 34 action of wind turbine construction in the context of limited numbers of turbines and specified size range 35 category of turbines defined in this document: small (<0.1 megawatt [mw]), medium (0.1 to 1 mw), and 36 large (1 to 2.5 mw).

The following bases are considered priority sites for the plan:

  • Marine Corps Reserve Center, Brooklyn, New York (NY) 41
  • Marine Corps Reserve Center, Galveston, Texas (TX) 1
  • Marine Corps Reserve Center, Syracuse, NY 2
  • Marine Corps Reserve Center, Great Lakes, Illinois (IL) 3
  • Marine Corps Reserve Center, Battle Creek, Michigan (MI) 4
  • Marine Corps Reserve Center, Riverton, Utah (UT) 5
  • Marine Corps Reserve Center, Omaha, Nebraska (NE) 6
  • Marine Corps Reserve Center, Kansas City, Missouri (MO) 7
  • Marine Corps Reserve Center, Amarillo, TX 8
  • Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center, Bridgeport, California (CA)