House Rules Committee eying defense bill amendments

By Tony Bertuca / June 30, 2022 at 12:47 PM

The House Rules Committee has given lawmakers until July 5 to file amendments to the fiscal year 2023 defense authorization bill, scheduled to be debated when Congress returns from recess the week of July 11.

At this time, approximately 35 amendments have been filed for consideration by the committee, but dozens more are expected, and many are often submitted late.

The current version of the bill, which ended up being $37 billion larger than what President Biden has requested, was advanced by the House Armed Services Committee on June 23 by a vote of 57-1.

The Senate Armed Services Committee, meanwhile, has also passed its version of the bill, which is $45 billion larger than what Biden has requested, though committee leaders have not yet sent the full measure to the floor for consideration.

The toplines for both bills, however, are at odds with one passed by the House Appropriations Committee, which is aligned with Biden’s requested defense topline of $813 billion.