IG Eyes Cyber Support

By Christopher J. Castelli / January 3, 2014 at 6:13 PM

The Pentagon's inspector general is reviewing whether combatant commands such as U.S. Pacific Command receive sufficient cyber personnel and support from U.S. Cyber Command to effectively conduct cyber operations in their areas of operations, according to a recent memo that launched assessment.

The review -- dubbed "Audit of Mission Resourcing for the Cyber Operations at Combatant Commands" -- will take place at CYBERCOM in Maryland, PACOM in Hawaii and perhaps other locations. No other COCOMs are mentioned, but the memo adds, "We may identify additional Joint Cyber Centers during the audit." The Dec. 9 memo was released this week by the IG's office.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel recently underscored the growing importance of the cyber domain. "Cyber threats are real," he told reporters Dec. 4. "Five years ago, it wasn't the same dimension as we now see."