Inside the Air Force highlights

By John Liang  
October 12, 2018 at 5:00 AM

Some must-reads from this week's issue of Inside the Air Force:

1. The Air Force underfunded its Space-Based Infrared System follow-on effort by about $1.6 billion in its fiscal year 2019 budget request and may seek to recover that difference in FY-20, according to a draft of the program's funding requirements.

Full story: Next-Gen OPIR short $1.6B in FY-19, USAF may seek increase in FY-20

2. The Air Force announced Wednesday it has awarded more than $2.2 billion in other transaction agreements to Northrop Grumman, United Launch Alliance and Blue Origin to develop launch vehicles to compete for future national security space launches.

Full story: ULA, Blue Origin, Northrop snag Air Force launch vehicle development awards

3. Air Force officials are considering ways to increase sustainment for the service's fleet of C-135 intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft to prepare them for peer conflict, as the platforms face a slew of engine and structural problems.

Full story: ACC, AFMC looking at new maintenance plans for big-wing ISR fleets to meet NDS needs

4. Deputy Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan said a new aircraft readiness directive ordering the Air Force and the Navy to achieve 80 percent readiness rates for four key tactical fighter jets by the end of this fiscal year will help the Pentagon prove to Congress it is effectively spending a recent funding boost and make the case that further relief from statutory budget caps is warranted.

Full story: Shanahan: New aircraft readiness requirement will help DOD fight budget caps