Inside the Air Force highlights

By John Liang  
February 8, 2019 at 9:32 AM

Check out these top stories from this week's issue of Inside the Air Force:

1. A new Pentagon mobility study maintains previous fleet-size estimates, its unclassified summary offering almost no insight into the Air Force's plan to grow by 14 tanker squadrons and three strategic airlift squadrons over the next 10 years.

Full story: New mobility requirements study projects no growth in DOD airlift, tanker capacity

2. The Air Force's acquisition chief acknowledged the new Advanced Battle Management System has had a slow start and pledged to speed up the process once the new architect joins next month.

Full story: Air Force acquisition chief acknowledges slow start to ABMS

3. The Pentagon's top weapons tester has deemed a key upgrade of the Joint Space Operations Center (JspOC) Mission System (JMS) is not operationally effective or suitable for its space situational awareness mission, a setback for the Air Force program which aims, among other things, to provide real-time alerts of hostile actions against U.S. satellites.

Full story: Key DOD space situational awareness upgrade project fails operational test

4. The Defense Department is preparing to ask Congress for an increase of more than $100 billion in its controversial warfighting account to skirt a mandatory budget cap, but some government officials are worried it will only further the account's appearance as a slush fund.

Full story: Pentagon planning a mammoth FY-20 war budget to avoid spending cap