Inside the Army highlights

By Sebastian Sprenger / March 28, 2016 at 9:05 AM

Some must-reads from this week's issue of Inside the Army:

1. The Army may be looking for an eventual replacement of its Patriot sensors, but that time is considered so far in the future that modernization investments for the legacy equipment are due sooner, a senior official said.

Full Story: Long-term 'bridging strategy' eyed for Patriot-radar replacements

2. A joint program meant to reinvent military lift platforms while satisfying individual service requirements has begun to attract interest from foreign governments and could address civil aviation needs as well, according to Army Training and Doctrine Command's capability manager for Future Vertical Lift.

Full Story: Helicopter plans spark interest across DOD, among foreign governments

3. Though Congress is blocking the reprise of a controversial missile-defense blimp this fiscal year, the Army still hopes to get a second shot at the program come October.

Full Story: Army not giving up on antimissile blimp despite congressional opposition

4. Funding for the Army's Research, Development and Engineering Command has been "relatively protected" in the current constrained budget climate, but that insulation "comes with an expectation to deliver," according to its commanding general.

Full Story: Commander says stakes are high for Army research-and-development arm