Inside the Navy highlights

By Lee Hudson / March 19, 2018 at 9:53 AM

Some must-reads from this week's issue of Inside the Navy:

1. The Navy revealed last week the Columbia-class ballistic submarine test program is delayed because of a manufacturing defect.

Full Story: Columbia-class test program delayed due to manufacturing defect

2. The Navy's next generation contracting vehicle for services contracts has refined its work requirements in two key ways that analysts believe will help it create greater competition among contractors.

Full Story: Analysts: Seaport-e to Next Gen changes will be better competition

3. The general in charge of Air Force Materiel Command told reporters March 14 the service is working closely with the F-35 joint program office and prime contractor Lockheed Martin to stand up an organic software depot capability as soon as possible, but discussions around intellectual property have been delaying that process.

Full Story: Intellectual property issues delay standup of organic F-35 software depots

4. When the Navy was testing the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter's ability to take off and land on amphibious assault ships, the service discovered a significant -- and costly -- list of problems.

Full Story: Navy's integration approach balancing speed and capability