Inside the Navy highlights

By Lee Hudson / September 18, 2017 at 9:39 AM

Some must-reads from this week's issue of Inside the Navy:

1. The Navy last month, as part of a Pentagon-wide package, sent the White House a list of programs from the fiscal year 2018 budget request the service identified as needing a waiver so that work could progress under a continuing resolution.

Full Story: Navy outlines FY-18 program priorities that need waivers under a CR

2. The Navy intends to obligate $2 million of fiscal year 2017 funding from its rapid prototyping fund to a high energy laser weapon system and a surveillance sensor system.

Full Story: Navy intends to use $2 million from RPED for laser and surveillance systems

3. The Marine Corps is inviting industry, academia and government research and development organizations to demonstrate during a spring exercise non-developmental technologies, engineering innovations and operational concepts focused on fighting in an urban environment.

Full Story: Marines request tech for operating in urban environment