The INSIDER daily digest -- April 12, 2019

April 12, 2019 at 2:32 PM

Today's INSIDER Daily Digest includes the latest on security clearances as well as Senate reactions to the Pentagon's Space Force plans.

The Pentagon is slated to take over managing federal background investigations -- but the Government Accountability Office is pushing for additional actions in preparation:

Government watchdog raises concerns about background investigations transfer to Pentagon

The Government Accountability Office is raising concerns about the Pentagon lacking a detailed plan for taking over the federal background investigations mission later this year, as the Defense Department seeks a big budget boost for the organization assuming the responsibility.

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill yesterday, top Defense Department officials defended the need for a Space Force as senators lobbed questions:

Pentagon leaders meet stiff resistance from senators over Space Force

Senators from across the political spectrum flexed their oversight powers today when they questioned Pentagon leaders on their latest initiative to establish a new service that will defend against threats in space.

Also on the Hill this week was Hondo Geurts, who shared details about the Army's decision to delay a full-rate production decision on the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle:

Geurts: JLTV full-rate production decision slated for May

A full-rate production decision for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle is slated for May, according to the Navy’s acquisition chief.

Finally, we have news on the Pentagon's decision to conclude a research contract held by MITRE Corp.:

Pentagon: Canceling $7M annual contract with JASON scientists made 'economic sense'

The Pentagon's research and engineering directorate confirmed today it is effectively severing ties with an independent group of scientists known as JASON, as the Defense Department says it makes “economic sense” to end a studies program that cost about $35 million over the past five years.