The INSIDER daily digest -- April 13, 2022

By Thomas Duffy / April 13, 2022 at 2:01 PM

This midweek INSIDER Daily Digest has news on a new Pratt and Whitney engine maintenance program, an upcoming Air Force contract, a new intelligence report on space operations, and the Army’s Stinger replacement effort

Pratt and Whitney has a new program to gauge the life of aviation engines:

As Pratt rolls out UBL to F-22 bases, execs see potential for expansion to other fleets

While Pratt & Whitney works to incorporate a new approach to engine maintenance across the F-22 fighter fleet, the company is eyeing opportunities to expand the effort to the F-35 and commercial customers, executives told Inside Defense this week.

The Air Force announced it will soon award a contract for a new nuclear warhead:

Air Force to issue GBSD re-entry vehicle contract to Lockheed Martin

The Air Force plans to award Lockheed Martin a sole-source procurement to continue work on the re-entry vehicle for the Ground Based Strategic Defense system's nuclear warhead, according to a notice released Tuesday.

A new intelligence assessment shows China and Russia have made great strides in their respective space programs:

DIA: U.S. adversaries' space capabilities are expanding

China, Russia and other adversaries are rapidly expanding their space capabilities, top Defense Intelligence Agency officials said in a Pentagon press briefing today, raising concerns about increasing competition in space.

The Army has plans to replace it’s decades-old, venerable Stinger air defense system:

Army pushes $60 million in Stinger replacement funding to unfunded priorities list

The Army has included $60 million to develop a Stinger missile replacement in its fiscal year 2023 unfunded priorities list, which the service says it needs just to stay on schedule with its plan to replace the Cold War-era system.