The INSIDER daily digest -- April 3, 2023

By John Liang / April 3, 2023 at 1:36 PM

This Monday INSIDER Daily Digest has news on tactical aircraft programs, the Pentagon's latest fiscal year 2024 legislative proposal packages and more.

We start off with Government Accountability Office testimony on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter submitted at a congressional hearing last week:

GAO identifies delays in F-35 simulator testing

A new government audit calls out the Defense Department's delay in authorizing the F-35 to begin full-rate production, even though the aircraft program started development more than 20 years ago.

GAO raises concerns about proposed F-35 engine upgrade

A Government Accountability Office official told a House panel that a "full business case" has not been made for addressing F-35 engine and cooling system troubles.

JPO: TR-3 for F-35 to be completed between December and April

Integration of Technology Refresh 3 -- the hardware and software upgrade for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter -- is running another year behind schedule, officials told lawmakers.

Document: House hearing on fixed-wing tactical aircraft programs

More from the same hearing, but this one is on the F-22 Raptor:

Air Force again seeking F-22 block 20 divestment

In its years-long bid to "divest to invest," the Air Force is once again asking Congress to approve the divestment of its block 20 F-22 Raptors.

The Pentagon has begun submitting its fiscal year 2024 legislative proposal packages:

DOD wants STRATCOM, SPACECOM to use novel personnel system to compete with private industry

The Defense Department is asking Congress to allow U.S. Strategic Command and U.S. Space Command to use a novel personnel system to attract and retain highly talented and non-traditional job candidates.

DOD requests cross-fiscal year authority for Ukraine funding

Seeking longer-term Ukraine assistance funding, the Pentagon has requested the renewal and modification of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.

Document: DOD's first FY-24 legislative proposal package

Document: DOD's second FY-24 legislative proposal package

Late last month, the Missile Defense Agency and the Navy conducted Flight Test Aegis Weapon System 31 Event 1a (FTM-31 E1a) over the Pacific Ocean:

SM-6 salvo intercepts target in simulated terminal defense of aircraft carrier strike group

The U.S. military executed what it says was a successful do-over live-fire of a major ballistic missile defense test when a pair of Standard Missile-6 interceptors -- configured in a new variant -- launched in a single salvo and intercepted a medium range ballistic missile target in a simulated last-line-of-defense protection for an aircraft carrier strike group.