The INSIDER daily digest -- August 1, 2022

By John Liang / August 1, 2022 at 1:25 PM

This Monday INSIDER Daily Digest has news on the Missile Defense Agency's Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, the Guam air defense project, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program and more.

The Pentagon has awarded a multibillion-dollar missile defense contract to Northrop Grumman:

MDA competition for GMD futures fails to draw more than single bid, $3.2 billion for Northrop

The Missile Defense Agency, after nearly four years of market research and analysis on how best to inject competition into the nearly billion-dollar-a-year effort to sustain, maintain and improve the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, managed to draw only a single proposal for a major new GMD Futures contract -- handing Northrop Grumman a $3.2 billion prize.

More missile defense news:

Senate panel cuts Guam project by nearly 10%, directs DEPSECDEF-led accounting

Senate appropriators want to dock $80 million from the high-priority Guam air defense project in fiscal year 2023 because the Pentagon has failed to account for its plans for the new project -- specifically the architecture -- in accordance with congressional directives issued a year ago.

Coverage of the leadership change in the office that oversees the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program:

Following norm-breaking PEO selection, JPO AQ precedent intact

Although the F-35 Joint Program Office has broken norms in its selection of a new director, officials are still adhering to a key precedent when it comes to acquisition oversight of the Defense Department's largest procurement effort.

The Senate Appropriations Committee, in its fiscal year 2023 spending bill approved last week, wants to plus up Air Force and Space Force procurement:

Senate appropriators seek to raise Air Force procurement; boost procurement and RDT&E for space

Senate appropriators would increase procurement for the Air Force and raise both procurement and research, development, test and evaluation funds for the Space Force in their version of the fiscal year 2023 defense spending bill.

Pentagon officials have sought to ensure the U.S. military has a current and classified network in place to protect data in light of the war in Ukraine:

DISA extends Thunderdome prototype to include classified network

The Defense Information Systems Agency is lengthening its Thunderdome zero-trust environment program timeline by six months and expanding it to include a classified network prototype, according to officials.

During a recent quarterly earnings call, Textron CEO Scott Donnelly spoke about the Army's Black Hawk helicopter replacement effort:

FLRAA delay will cut into Bell profits, CEO says

The Army's multimonth delay in announcing the winner of the competition to replace the Black Hawk helicopter will result in a decrease in annual profits for Bell, according to its parent company's CEO.