The INSIDER daily digest -- August 15, 2022

By John Liang / August 15, 2022 at 1:25 PM

This Monday INSIDER Daily Digest has news on F-35 Joint Strike Fighter ejection seats, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's work on advanced telescopes and more.

Nearly every Joint Strike Fighter has been checked for a faulty ejection seat component:

Air Force F-35s resume operations following ejection seat concerns

All of the Air Force's F-35s "have resumed normal operations," a service spokeswoman told Inside Defense today, after concerns tied to a potentially defective ejection seat component prompted a fleetwide stand-down and review.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking into developing advanced telescopes:

DARPA explores potential research investment in liquid mirror telescopes

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is exploring the potential for advancing ground- and space-based telescope technology that one official says could ultimately be leveraged to improve the military's battlespace awareness.

Air Force acquisition chief Andrew Hunter spoke last week during the service's Life Cycle Industry Days in Dayton, OH:

Hunter: Competition key to collaborative combat aircraft component of NGAD

Competition will be "fundamental" for the success of the Next Generation Air Dominance program's collaborative combat aircraft component, Air Force acquisition chief Andrew Hunter told reporters yesterday, warning that progress on the effort could be stifled if Congress does not grant the service’s request to divest certain aircraft.

(Read our continuing coverage of the Dayton industry days.)

A U.S. missile defense intercept test took place last week off the coast of Hawaii:

U.S. intercepted ballistic missile target over Pacific while China exercised around Taiwan

The United States executed a ballistic missile intercept test over the Pacific Ocean during a multinational maritime exercise that included Japan, South Korea and other nations, in an event that overlapped with China's coercive military exercises -- including missile launches -- around Taiwan.

The United States is lagging behind China on hypersonic missile development:

RCCTO chief updates on China

The head of the Army's rapid capability development unit on Wednesday said China's strong development of hypersonics was due to a major head start over the U.S. and called on the defense industry to harden its cyber defenses against China and other adversaries.