The INSIDER daily digest -- August 16, 2022

By John Liang / August 16, 2022 at 1:56 PM

This Tuesday INSIDER Daily Digest has news on the Navy's Fire Scout unmanned helicopter program plus cruise missile defense and more coverage of the recent Life Cycle Industry Days in Dayton, OH.

We start off with some Navy Fire Scout unmanned system news:

Fire Scout demonstrates expeditionary capability in austere landing off coast of California

The Navy's MQ-8C Fire Scout exercised its expeditionary capability off the coast of California this summer, landing and operating in an austere location.

The Air Force will soon be in charge of national cruise missile defense:

MDA handing over domestic cruise missile defense to Air Force, holding on to '23 demo

The Missile Defense Agency is working to hand over its fledgling domestic counter-cruise missile portfolio to the Air Force in accordance with a recent directive, but also plans -- for now -- to press ahead with a project launched last year that is slated to culminate with a homeland defense demonstration in 2023.

More coverage from the recent Air Force Life Cycle Industry Days:

Engine replacement will make a 'new B-52' out of decades-old aircraft

DAYTON, OH -- Cost overruns for the Air Force's Commercial Engine Replacement Program noted during a congressional budget hearing were "taken out of context" and overstated, said Col. Louis Ruscetta, senior materiel leader.

Air Force accelerates KC-Z AOA timeline as KC-Y requirements near

The Air Force is looking to expedite its analysis of alternatives for the KC-Z program by moving up its planned launch from next decade to next year, a top official told reporters recently.

Air Force anticipates HH-60W cost breach as MH-139 certifications progress

The Air Force's decision to slash the buy of the HH-60W Combat Rescue Helicopter will cause a Nunn-McCurdy cost breach, a program official told reporters recently, though the service has separately advanced the airworthiness of the MH-139 Grey Wolf and will soon begin military utility testing.

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