The INSIDER daily digest -- August 18, 2022

By John Liang / August 18, 2022 at 1:23 PM

This Thursday INSIDER Daily Digest has news on the Air Force's CV-22 Osprey fleet, a recent NORAD cruise missile defense exercise and more.

The Air Force's CV-22 Ospreys won't be flying anytime soon:

Air Force stands down Osprey fleet

Air Force Special Operations Command has indefinitely grounded its fleet of CV-22 Ospreys in response to an unidentified "hard clutch" issue that has caused a total of four known incidents.

In late June, North American Aerospace and Defense Command's continental U.S. region conducted a defensive counter-air exercise involving Navy and Air Force assets that hunted a simulated cruise missile attack:

U.S. military executes air-defense exercise over southern U.S. after China's long-range hypersonic test

China's surprise demonstration last year of a Fractional Orbital Bombardment System prompted the U.S. military this summer to conduct an air defense exercise against a hypothetical threat approaching the U.S. from the south, a significant reorientation from the usual focus on the north, west and east.

General Motors Defense and American Rheinmetall Vehicles are proposing a Common Tactical Truck for the Army based on an Americanized version of Rheinmetall's HX3 commercial vehicle:

GM, Rheinmetall announce Common Tactical Truck bid

General Motors Defense will partner with American Rheinmetall Vehicles in a bid to provide the Army with its Common Tactical Truck, the companies announced Wednesday.

The Marine Corps' Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar system is due for another test soon:

Marine Corps to continue testing prototype air defense system

The Marine Corps is planning a third live-fire test of a prototype air defense system within the next six weeks, following two successful tests in which the system detected, tracked and destroyed multiple targets.

Australia and Canada recently took part in Pacific Dragon 22, which took place at the Pacific Missile Range Facility Barking Sands and off the coast of Kauai, HI:

Australia, Canada join missile defense exercises, bringing together five Pacific air-defense navies

For the first time, Australia and Canada participated in a multinational missile defense exercise with the United States, Japan and South Korea, a significant expansion of efforts to build advanced interoperability among five nations that, in theory, could lock arms in response to a Pacific crisis.