The INSIDER daily digest -- Dec. 15, 2022

By Thomas Duffy / December 15, 2022 at 12:38 PM

We start off this Thursday INSIDER Daily Digest with an in-depth look at an upcoming F-35 engine decision, a story about lawmakers making a move on Guam’s air and missile defense, an examination of the next steps after a major Army contract award, and news of a recent Navy unmanned exercise carried out in the Middle East.

The Joint Strike Fighter office has a decision to make on the aircraft’s engine:

As F-35 engine decision nears, Pratt touts upgrade that execs say would be faster and cost less than AETP

Boosted by a preliminary engine enhancement contract, Pratt & Whitney is touting cost savings and a speedier delivery through the company’s favored option for upgrading the F-35’s engine as executives ramp up their work on the modernized propulsion choice they say can be ready in 2028.

News out of the 2023 defense authorization bill affecting Guam’s defense:

Lawmakers set three new 2023 policy initiatives for Guam air and missile defense project

Congress has settled on three new 2023 policy initiatives related to the Guam air and missile defense project, including the requirement that the Defense Department appoint a senior official to oversee the wrangling of personnel, equipment, budgets and more across military services associated with the effort to begin fielding a new capability as soon as 2024.

We walk through the next steps after a huge Army helicopter contract award:

After FLRAA award, here's what could come next

The losing bidders of the Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft contract have asked for feedback from the Army, and while it remains uncertain whether they will protest the service's decision, the debrief process could last several weeks with the holidays approaching.

The Navy recently carried out a exercise involving its unmanned platforms and new data distribution systems:

'Single Pane Of Glass': How one company delivered visibility for the Navy's Digital Horizon exercise

During a three-week maritime exercise in the Middle East featuring an array of unmanned systems, the Navy relied on an IT-focused contractor to collect data from its platforms and create a single operational picture for operators.